HA HA HA hilarious!


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Finally, you’re in control

Cats are known for many things. The dexterity to always land on their feet and the cleanliness of their fur coats. The ability to knock over a lamp or slam into a screen door and casually continue along as if nothing happened. The nerve to shred your furniture with their claws and somehow look cute doing it. The thoughtfulness of bringing home their latest bird catch and dropping it off at the backdoor as a “present” for you.

Cats are not known, however, for their ability to learn and obey the commands of their owners. That’s where the Control-a-Cat Remote Control can come in handy.

Simply point at your cat, press buttons on the remote and hope for the best. With buttons for “Stop Scratching”, “Show Affection”, “Remain Aloof” and others, you’ll be in control in no time. It’s finally your turn to make your cat do what you want.


  • Point at subject, press button, hope for the best
  • 21-button novelty remote control
  • No batteries required – powered by wishful thinking
  • Dimensions: 5.5″ x 2.2″ (14 x 5.5 cm)



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One response to “HA HA HA hilarious!

  1. lucentabella

    yeah…I wish a cat had a remote control! Send that to KiKi!

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