So today I went to Wal-Mart to get a few things. I parked next to this reeeeeeeeeeealllllllly dirty van. Someone had written “sara is stupid” in the dirt on the car. So I decided that it would be funny to write back “no I’m not.” Amidst my act of vandalism the owner of the car walked up. All of the sudden I hear “are you having fun?” I reply with “yes, are you the owner.”  Him: “Yes, (chuckle).” I proceed to inform him that I am Sara and I don’t agreethat I am stupid so I felt it necessary to respond. Thankfully he caught my humor and laughed it off. Whew…….close one…….

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One response to “Busted…..

  1. lucentabella

    hee hee hee! I love how you get busted proving you’re not stupid. You aren’t stupid, but it’s friggin hilarious that you got busted!

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