Dear Mr. Red Truck

….you suck at driving. The interstate is not your playground. Cars are not placed on the road for you to zig zag around. In your stupidity you almost hit two people and proceeded to get no further ahead then you were to begin with. Also, there is this thing on your steering wheel on the right side above the ignition called a blinker (also known as a signal or indicator- as in “I’m indicating that I would like to go to the other lane.) Generally when you use them others will allow you to gracefully transition into the lane without risking lives. Try using one once in a while. You may actually advance in traffic if you do! Also, you wouldn’t have to slam on your brakes if you didn’t tailgate. I’m pretty sure the car in front of you purposefully went slow because of your rudeness.  Oh, and by the way Richard  Simmons called…He wants his hair back.


OMG that guy stole my hair!

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