I’m not exactly Susan Boyle…

as a matter of fact I apparently am FAR from it. I’ve always known that I don’t have the greatest singing voice, but thought that it wasn’t the worst ever.
Well, my three month old begs to differ. Every time I try to sing to her she cries or squirms around as if she is extremely uncomfortable. One would think that moving someone to tears with your singing would be a good thing. Nope, not here. These are most definately not tears of joy by any means. You know how I know this? Because my child ever so nicely swats at my mouth and whines/cries until I stop. Yes, at three months old this is what she does. Initally I though it a coincidence. However, this “fluke” occurs EVERY time I try to sing to her. bad singing
So, for the sake of my child (and the pitiful souls within earshot) I officially put away the desire to sing my child to sleep. Hey, look at the up side….I still get to rock her to sleep and if she sucks at singing she can’t blame me!


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2 responses to “I’m not exactly Susan Boyle…

  1. lucentabella

    She loves it when I sing to her. She giggles and coos. ;p

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