Wife Swap

So I’m watching wife swap and thinking how lucky I am to have my life. This one lady literally just said “Work ethic is not that important.” The other wife said “I like to control everything.” Where do they find these people! I like to think that I am middle of the road on most things. I do my fair share, he does his. I am laid back when I need to be and not so much when necessary. But, man these people take it to extremes. In one episode the family lived on an entirely raw diet.

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Yes, entirely; chicken, meat, eggs, you name it. GAG ME! Who eats raw chicken. The family claimed that since starting this raw diet they have rid themselves of all medical problems. When asked when was the last time they went to the doctor they responded with, they have not been to the doctor. Question: How did you not vomit and die from recurrent food poisoning?

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Also, the family did not believe in cleaning as they felt that all bacteria was necessary for the natural flow of life. Okay, I get that you don’t want to scrub the grime out of your house. That’s fine for you, but DO NOT subject your children to this. That is NASTY! By the way, in the future you may want to flush the toilet prior to doing a bathroom shot. ew.

fe05-0002.jpg picture by sarafaull

 In another episode there was a lady who one could only classify as a “hoarder.” Bailey026.jpg picture by sarafaull

She would literally go to the store and buy massive amounts of whatever was on sale. Great idea when adequately applied. You do NOT, however, need 50 rolls of toilet paper stockpiled in your shower. Also, it is a waste of money to buy paper plates and throw them away then to buy a set of cheap reusable plates. This lady also clearly never outgrew her child hood as she had stuffed dogs everywhere (no they were not the kids.)

2-15-07247_edited.jpg picture by sarafaull

All I’m saying here is, seriously people, you’re weird….

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