Cha Cha what?????

Okay so post baby I have, like all new moms, vowed to lose this baby weight. Backstory- right before I got pregnant I lost 60 pounds. I look GREAT! Then bam….preggo. I gained back exactly what I lost. Back to present day. So, initially I was alll gung ho after I got out of the hospital (my princess was 9 weeks early and spent 5 in the NICU). I had plenty of time on my hands as the wonderful nursing staff at St. Vincents Hospital did all my new 10 min latin dance mommy things for me. well, except pump the boob juice out. I had to do that one on my own, but that’s whole differnt blog. Anyways, in my quest to lose this weight I bought the Latin Fat Burning Dance Mix. I thought “Oh I can do the cha cha for 10 mintues.” Well, I have a whole new respect for dancers. WTF. My legs don’t move like that! I swear the lady on the video is double jointed in her legs, arms, back, and every other body part. The best part was my 5 month old daughter waking up to mommy flailing her arms. She immediately began to cry. I think she thought I looked scary.
(This is about what I looked like)
I’m sure I did! But, I will say this. Man that video made me sweat! I only did, well attempted, two of the 10 minutes dances. Whew…..

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  1. lucentabella

    I totally own this video AND I also look like that…..

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