Go LC!

     Today was an awesome day in the Faull household. My little bundle of love decided that she would start the Army crawl today! YAY! I put her on the floor on her blanket and lined some of her toys up at the end. I guess she really wanted to play with one so she slowly wiggled her way there. I find it HILARIOUS that she wanted the cellphone toy. She is definitely her mother’s child. I decided  that I wanted to get this on video. So I ran to the other room, which apparently to her was quite funny (thanks LC for laughing at your fatty momma running- I will pay you back for this much later in life.) I make it back to the living room with the camera (which is really just my cellphone because I want to send the video to my hubby) and what do you know, she refuses to do it again. She went so far as to start crying when I started recording. I think she did this so that it would look like I’m a meany. I swear I’m not. Well, eventually I gave up and ended up with a video of her flailing about while crying. Oh well, better luck next time.

     In addition to the army crawl she was able to sit up for a longer period today. Again, YAY LC! I was such a proudLC sitting up mamma. For those who don’t know (which is probably no one since Jennie and April are the only ones who follow this blog, and well you guys already know LC’s back story) LC was born 9 weeks premature. While she is 6 months old at this point, her adjusted age is 4 months. So her ability to sit without support for about 30 secs just proves my point that she is a super genius child and that when she is in middle school she will have to defer to her dad for help on her homework, because lets face it I’m not going to have a CLUE what the answer is.

     Lastly, LC has food issues. She generally refuses to eat more than four ounces at a time. However, today, twice, she took in 5 ounces! This time I didn’t have to make her drink it 🙂 For those of you who may think that it is mean to make your child eat, suck it. If I didn’t then she would only consume two ounces every four hours and that is not good. So yes, I make her eat, and no I don’t think it will make her have “issues” later. Also, today she ate peaches for the first time. Lets just say they were not as big of a hit as the pears were. When she took the first few bites she made a sour face and gave me the what is this shit look. She did however eat them. I must say though, Disney,  your peaches smell like dirty feet. Ew. And just to keep with the trend for the day,  she wouldn’t make the face again when I tried to video it. I gave the camera to my hubby but, alas, she evaded the camera again. All we got was a picture of her lower torso as she lunged out of the picture.

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  1. lucentabella

    What a pretty baby!

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