Friday’s Five

So I’ve decided that on Fridays I will alternate between Five Favorites, Five things I love/hate about (blank,) and Five lessons I learned this week. I am going to start off with:

Five things I love about Publix

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1. They ALWAYS have everything I need on my list. Except once when I needed Swordfish. However, the seafood guy new exactly when the next shipment would be in and that to me is just as good as having it. I was able to go back the next day and get the fish. YAY. You name it, they have it (well food anyways.) Also, the Walmart here sucks and never has half of what I need. Once when I was pregnant I went to the Walmart for something (no clue what it was.)  All I remember is calling my husband in a blind rage because they didn’t have whatever I wanted. Then I cried. Stupid Walmart. Way to go. You made a pregnant woman cry.  I should just go to the Publix, but it’s in another city :O(

2. The employees are always nice and know where stuff is. For example,  I need Mango chutney: instead of taking me to four different aisles to find it, they take me directly to it. Also, they still offer to push your cart to your car for you. That shit is awesome when you have a cart FULL of food and kitty litter.

3. The store is always clean. I have yet to go to a Publix that had so much as a drip of a spill on the floor. It’s all shiney and pretty when you walk in. Also, it tends to smell good to me. Plus, their bathrooms are clean. That is a BIG bonus for me, as I hate using public bathrooms. I am convinced that someone with a transmittable STD just sat on it. I know that there are toilet seat covers. Usually those are NEVER refilled. Also, if they do have them,  they always slide off into the toilet when you go to sit. Now, I know what you’re thinking “Why doesn’t she just squat?” Well, that requires a lot of thigh muscle usage and usually results in me grasping at the walls for balance, support, and dear life. So I just hold it until I get home.

Okay back to the list:
4. They make pretty cakes 🙂 They also taste really yummy! mmmmm…..cake…… (sorry on a diet. had to daydream for a minute.)

5. Last, their produce looks good. I hate when I go to the Walmart where I live because the produce is half rotten (if they even have it). You have to pick through the gooey smelly stuff to try and find decent produce. I have a 6 month old. I don’t have time for this. Also, I have this thing against touching rotten icky stuff. However, when I go to Publix it all looks so fresh and yummy.

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