Just call me June

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So my really awesome friend let me borrow her excersaucer for LC. I was really excited about this as every time we are at my friends house LC would play in it and have a field day. So after managing to finagle it into the crappy ford focus I was renting while my AWESOME Ford Escape was being fixed I take it home. I noticed that there was a small hole in the seam of the seat but thought nothing of it. Then I realized the other day that the hole was MUCH bigger and on the verge of rendering the excersaucer useless. So, I decide that I’m going to pretend to be June Cleaver and fix this shit. I search the house high and low for needle and thread. Finally I find some (unfortunately the only thread I had was white and the fabric was bright green.) I get to work at it. After about 50 needle pricks in my fingers and a significant loss of blood, I finish the job! I must say I am very proud of my work here as I am not known for my great sewing skills (0nce in home ec we had to make a shirt. Mine’s head was too small and the arm/sleeves where lopsided.) So here is a before and after pic for your viewing pleasure and so you can tell me what an AWESOME job I did!








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  1. Yeah the butt hole is fixed! I’m not sure why none of us can sew. Mom and granny sew circles around people! How did we not learn this…..?

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