Heart Walk



In March of this year my family was given a blessing and dealt a tragedy. On March 22nd I brought my beautiful LC home from the hospital and on March 23rd my father had a stroke. On March 27th, as a result of swelling in the brain caused from the treatment of the stroke, my father died. This is not the first time that heart disease has struck my family. Prior to my birth my dad’s father died of a massive heart attack (he was in his 50’s) and in 1997 my mom’s mother died of a massive heart attack (she was in her 70’s and had just beat breast cancer.) So, in memory of ourdad (William), his dad (Donald ), and our Granny (Nora ) my sister and I participated in the Start Heart Walk for the American Heart Association. The even was held at Linn Park in Birmingham, Al. There were a slew of vendors and information centers as well as participants. I was awed at the number of people willing to give up their Saturday morning (a time when they could sleep in or watch tv) and come out in support of such a great cause. Also, accompanying my sister Lucentabella  and I were her friend PsuedoHR, my mother in law, and my daughter LC. We participate in the one mile walk. During this walk we saw many entertaining things: dogs of various sizes sporting varying “awareness” shirts, the advance weight loss clinic being right next door to the all you can eat buffet, and this lady:

stupi skirt lady

(who wears skirts and wedge heels to a charity walk)

Needless to say we all had a great time raising awareness and money for a great cause. Here are some pics from the day.

Jennie, LC, and April

Lucentabella, LC, and PsuedoHR


Me and LC

Me and LC

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