Friday’s Five Things I Learned This Week

In this new phase in my life I find that I am learning more and more everyday. To me it’s exciting and challenging. It makes me appreciate what the world has to offer me. Some of what I learn may not be of any interest to you and that’s okay but some of it will. Also, some of it may just provide you with comic relief!

Five things I learned this week:

1. Kicking my husband a thousand times while he is sleeping is not a sure fire way to stop his snoring. Usually it works after several swift kicks accompanied by me saying “STOP SNORING!” he was still sawing logs. I was pretty sure that I was hearing them echo on the baby monitor.

2. Peaches left in a grocery bag on your counter will mold at rapid speed. I swear they were only there for a few days. I didn’t have room in the fridge for them and thought they would be fine. Nope. Also, squishy + mold= gag gag gag gag

3. Google has a program called Google reader. I can now view all of the blogs that I follow without having to go to each of the sites. You can find it at It’s so cool. I can go to one page and read all of the most recent posts from my favorite blogs. Thanks Jennie for showing me this! It ROCKS!

4. That I will never again be on time due to having a child. For example, LC will wait until we are heading out the door to poop. She will also wait until we have very little time to get somewhere and spit up. Also, I can’t make it through the store without at least three people stopping me to see my little lovebug and then proceeding to tell me ALL about their premie experiences. While I wouldn’t change having her for anything in the worl, it sure would be nice to be on time for once. Note to all those out there- if you want me somewhere on time you’d better tell me the time is 30 mins before it actually is.

5. That blueberries are a lot like corn. ’nuff said.


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