The Desk

My husband has this habit of stacking papers on the counter “to be filed.” Only we don’t have anywhere to file it. So after five years of this I put my foot down and told him to either buy a new desk with drawers in it for files or buy a filing cabinet. To my suprise he said “okay.” I was in shock. What???? No arguing about how that cost money! So the next day I went online and found several that I liked. I emailed him the links and told him to pick one and buy it immediately.  Once again, he said “okay” and bought one the same day! HOLY CRAP I HAVE NEW FOUND POWERS! So on Monday he ordered the desk and it arrived on Wednesday. I’m thinking great this 150 pound box of wood is going to sit in the foyer for like three weeks before he moves it to the bedroom. Then it will sit in the bedroom for three more weeks until it gets put together. So, I tell my husband I want the desk put up this weekend. Well, I’ll be a ham sandwich, you know what that boy did…… He put it up on Sunday! Yay Bill! So finally we have a place to put files and a new desk 🙂

The desk is from It had approximately 1 million parts to assemble. If you think I’m kidding see the photos below! It took my hubby approximately four hours to put it together and he literally soaked a towel with sweat (then he tried to have me use that same towel later after my shower…..ewwwwwww!) I did NOT use that towel and promptly made him get me a new clean one! Anyways, I am still in shock over my new ability to make my husband do stuff promptly. Usually it takes like ten times of asking him, and then I just wind up doing it myself or having my husband’s dad do it when he visits.


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  1. lucentabella

    ew ew ew ew ew ew on the towel! Bravo to the hubby on getting that done so quickly!!!

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