Friday’s Five!

So this week we are back to five things I love. This week I will tell you five things I love about being a stay at home mom. Prior to this job I worked as a social worker for the state. If was a fun and hard job. However, it prepared me great for this new position in life. So here goes:

1. I love that I haven’t missed one thing of LC’s development so far. She’s such a super achiever. Despite being two months early she does everything she is supposed to on time. GO LC!

2. I have the most special bond with my little princess. She looks at me and smiles and I know right then I made the best decision for her. I love that I’m the one who can comfort her, I’m the one she shreiks with excitement for, and I’m the one she wants to cuddle with.

3. I love that I have time to work out now. Before, I would work 16 hour days and be way too tired to even think about working out. I am convinced this is why most social workers are fat. Now, if I’m tired I can rest a minute and then work out. Also, I don’t have to drive anywhere to work out. I just walk into the living rom.

4. I no longer have to hear the stupid alarm clock any more (unless I have to be somewhere early.) Don’t get me wrong. I don’t sleep late or anything like that. LC is really great at getting me up at 5:30/6am. However, if I stayed up late the night before, or I’m PMSing then I can curl up on the couch for a few more hours while she plays in her swing at some point during the day. This rarely happens, but sometimes a girl is tired!

5. I can eat lunch that isn’t fast food.  Usually I just have left overs. But that’s fine with me because most food taste even better the next day. Now, I know your thinking, you can have left overs at work. Not if you’re a social worker. You are rarely at your desk as a social worker and usually are resigned to eating while driving to your next appointment


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