Douchbag of the year award

Man accused of putting beer in infant’s bottle

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A Charleston man was accused of putting beer into an infant’s bottle while baby-sitting the child. James Michael Williams was charged with felony child neglect creating the risk of injury. A criminal complaint accuses Williams of putting Natural Ice Lightbeer into the 11-month-old’s bottle on Friday.

Police were unable to determine if the child drank any beer. The baby’s mother and Williams’ cousin, Ebony Williams, said her child vomited shortly after she took the bottle away.

Williams told police her cousin said he did it as a practical joke, but didn’t allow the child to consume any beer.

James Williams has not yet secured an attorney and no phone listing could be found for him.



On a serious note people. Know who you leave your kids with. If this person has a history of poor decision making or has no child care experience it is probably best NOT to leave your child unsupervised with them.

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