I think my cat is on crack

Tiger, aka "Crackhead"

Tiger, aka "Crackhead"

So since I have become a stay at home mommy I’ve noticed that my cat Tiger is very…… odd. Well, more like a spaz. She will go from a dead sleep into sprint mode chasing imaginary mice and bugs. She will sneak attack Buddy, who is like three times her size and still acts afraid of Tiger. Come on Buddy, she’s a girl and you’re a boy. You are supposed to be able to take her. What are you a pussy? Anyways, so today I have watched Tiger run up and down the stairs I don’t know how many times, jump over the couch at least five times, and attack Buddy incessantly. All day I have been trying to figure out what her deal is. Then it dawned on me. My cat is a crackhead. I’m not sure yet where she hides her stash or even who her dealer is, but I feel an intervention may be necessary.

Speaking of interventions, I may have to do one on Buddy for overeating. Fattyboy has been on a diet for 7 years and has yet to lose any weight. He did however manage to gain weight. I’m not sure where his stash is either but rest assured I will find it and eradicate it.

Buddy, aka "Fattyboy"

Buddy, aka "Fattyboy"

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