Snow bunny but without the snow

Took nuthead outside for a bit today. She loved pushing her new wagon around. Well on the driveway. The grass- not so much. Then we got sick of pushing the wagon around and decided we should attempt a mad dash for the streets. When that failed we decided it would be fun to hit the car with the wagon. That resulted in a lot of “no”es being said and tears. So that was the end of playing outside. We came in and watched the fat neighborhood bully kid attempt to play football with the other kids. They quit playing with him because he sucks at life. Well that’s the reason i assume they quit. It may have also been because it started raining but i think my reason is more accurate. Also we apparently tracked a leaf in the house that the nuthead some how snagged and attempted to eat. Gag. No worries though it was succesfully removed from her mouth and the floor scoured for any additional intruders.
Well here are some pics from this morning. Couldn’t get any of the fatty without being obvious 😦

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  1. lucentabella

    pretty baby!

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