I dont care about misquitos

Today I had to go to hell on earth, also known as wal-mart. I hate going to this particular one because every oblivious person in the world shops there. Also, it was 10 am sat. so everyone and their mother was there. I was able to successfully navigate around most of the blundering boobs but there were a few unavoidables in there. For example the cashier who decided to tell the poor sap in front of me all about misquitos. Really….. (insert eye roll here.) I’m pretty sure the guy in front of me could care less. Why do I not care, you may be thinking. Well mostly because 1. They are bugs and 2. It’s JANUARY! However she was kind enough to inform us that she knows all of this because her “husband works in pest control.” um…… I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make her an expert, but that’s just my opinion. Then it was my turn to check out. Yay. She proceeded to tell me she was fine but I don’t recall asking her. Also I don’t like it when people I don’t know touch me and she kept touching the arm of my jacket and asking me questions. Finally I was done and went to leave. This is where I encountered yet more unavoidables. Two of the worlds WIDEST women decided the entrance/exit would be the best place for them to come to a dead stop to remove thier coats. Sigh 😦 Though annoyed I waited patiently because really there was NO way around them.

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