So, last year my dad passed away. It was tough to lose him. But what has been worse is having to deal with his drunk retard of a widow. Seriously, the lady is a flipping moron. She constantly sends my sister’s e-mails wrought with spelling errors calling them names and telling them how our father would be so disappointed in us. We’ve asked her politely to stop but every time she goes on a drinking binge she sends about ten e-mails just berating us. So I’ve decided that instead of her name being Elaine I will now call her “E-lame.” Because that is what she is. I feel sorry for her children because they are stuck with her. Forever. But I don’t feel that bad for them because they could totally runaway and never talk to her again. Although I’m sure she would try to go all drunk ninja on them and stalk them until they caved in and came home.

Also, her first husband left her to go to the Phillipeans so that he could do gross things with young teen girls. That says a lot right there. That whole family is just f-‘ed up. I’m pretty sure he did that though because being arrested and raped daily in prison is probably a better life than having to deal with her.

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