Well That’s Going to Leave a Mark

Last weekend my little nuthead had a playdate with Ethan. Everything was going fine until the end of the playdate. This is when my little nuthead decided to she was going to take on the end table. Only, she lost. Her tooth that is! Poor thing ūüė¶ To make matters worse she also got a big knot¬†on her head. I swear people are going to think that I beat her. I swear I don’t. She has just unfortunately inherited¬†my ability to be¬†clutzy¬†and a hit her head on just about anything at least¬†ten times a day. It doesn’t help that she is learning to walk right now. She’s pretty good at it and can make it across the room only falling once or twice. However, when she falls it usually results in her hitting her head on the floor. It’s because she WILL NOT bend her legs when she falls. I’m not sure why but she has ALWAYS been a “non-leg bender.” It also doesn’t help that at not even a year old she tries to CLIMB shit. WTF? Did I give birth to a monkey????? So, anyways after her playdate she completely knocked her tooth out, root and all. Lets just say that resulted in a SHITLOAD of blood (and tears.) The crying only lasted like 30 minutes and then after about an hour she was back up laughing and chasing the cats. I wish I had resilience like that! I mean it didn’t even bother her that she has PICTURES this week! Oh well, I guess she’ll look a little redneck for a few years.¬†

End result of round one with the end table. The end table won.

LC not bending her legs when she falls

I'm pretty sure she's part monkey.

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