Um……Possible oops here….

So….. I’m two days late. And by late yes, I mean that kind of late. I am usually like clockwork so I’m a little freaked out right now. Not sure what to do. Should I wait a few more days and then take a test if I still haven’t started or should I just take one. There is only a slim possiblity that I could be preggers but I doubt it. I had to have fertility treatments to get preggers with nuthead so I’m not sure that I can get preggers without help but there is always that chance. So….. yeah…….

babyfreakout.jpg freaked out image by marqueemooner


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2 responses to “Um……Possible oops here….

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  2. Update: No oops here! Whew! I can now go down a bottle of vodka and not feel bad. Okay I’ll feel back afterwards but that will be from the vodka………

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