LC’s visit to the doctor and then dentist

As you know the little nuthead went round for round with the end table last weekend and lost a tooth. Well, by tuesday the hubsters was completely freaked out because the hole looked really gross by this point (it was all blistered and had what I assumed was a “scab” on it- but he thought it looked infected- and I’m all WHATEVER I am her mom and I’d know if it was infected- gah!) So anyways, I schedule an appointment for her to see the doctor to ease hubsters mind. I took her Thursday to see the doctor. Keep in mind nuthead has had no fever, and is clearly not opposed to eating. Well, while we are at the doctors office nuthead decides that she wants to go round for round with the tile floor and gives herself yet another bruise on her forehead. Poor child. One day she’ll learn- put your hands out in front of you. So anyways, doctor says “Hmmmm….. that looks really weird. I think she needs to see a pediatric dentist.” So I’m all (in my head of course) fuck….. I didn’t even pack extra formula because I did NOT think this would result in a trip to another office. At least I had packed some pears for her to eat and that seemed to appease her. So I take her right over to the dentist. I swear everyone there was looking at me like “why the fuck do you have your child who doesn’t even have but three teeth (she had four people that’s why we are here) at the dentist?” Of course within 5 minutes of her being in the back every dental hygenist in the place is now neglecting the child in their chair to come and ooh and aah over nuthead because I swear we can’t go anywhere without EVERYONE wanting to hold her and talk and play with her. I kid you not ALL of them came to see the baby. I guess they don’t get to see many of them there since the babies have little to no teeth….. Good news is it’s NOT infected because guess what…. that’s right, mom was right it’s a SCAB!!!! Ha, score one in the mom column for me! Also, the little nuthead was SO awesome about them poking and prodding her mouth. She didn’t even fuss when they put that uncomfortable thing in her mouth to take and x-ray. She just opened her mouth and was all “Fuck yeah I’m a big girl.” I wasn’t even able to hold her while they did it (refer to the possible oops over here post) and she still didn’t freak out. I’m so proud of my big girl. Now I just have to accept that in one week she will officially be 1.

She's such a good girl she let's me put bows in her hair!!!!

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