Such a nice day

This morning at 7 am I put together Nuthead’s bday present. We got her a step 2 allstar sports thingy. I waited a whole month for the hubster to put it together but he never did…. So thus I did it at 7 am in order to make noise at an annoying time. Not much noise, but enough to make him turn a few times in the bed (hee hee hee.) Anyways, I got most of it done except one part that required herculian strength which since I’m pretty much a woose I couldn’t do. Hubby had to do that one part, which he did (OMG I only had to ask once!) After lunch I took nuthead outside to playon it for a while. She had fun but was apparently more interested in tasting all of the leaves in the backyard. Also, she refused to take any naps today so needless to say we are both VERY cranky and tired now.

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  1. Kym

    Found ya! Poor Peanut! Hope she feels better soon!!!!

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