LC + Steriods = WTF is my child doing????

So yeah LC is currently cracked out from steroids. So not cool. It is TWO hours past her bed time and she is running in circles in the livingroom. She looks like a drunk person because she falls down every two steps. She has pulled out every toy she has and is shreaking (sp?) at the top of her lungs. So this is where I had to stop typing because she miraculously fell asleep. I mean she totally just curled up on me and zonked out hardcore. She was so cute I didn’t move for two hours. Then at midnight it was time for another round of meds and a breathing treatment. This woke her up for a bit but she quickly went back to sleep. So for now she is tucked in bed peacefully sleeping. So here’s my thoughts on steroids: they f’ing suck but I’ll take a few sleepless nights if it means my baby feels better.

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