Sick of sick

So Nuthead has some kind of crud again 😦 She spent all day yesterday and last night coughing. This morning she started running a low grade fever. So we are hopefully headed to the doctor this morning. It sound like croup again to me but I’m not a doctor so I don’t know. It hasn’t seemed to phase her though. She’s still eating and playing only to stop for coughing and sneezing fits. Poor girl has bucket loads of snot running down her face. I try to wipe it but this leads to epic fits because apparently she is saving it for something…. She has also had diarrhea. NOT fun. This kid has pooped more in the past 24 hours than she has in her entire one year of life. NOT. EVEN. KIDDING. After about the umptenth one yesterday I made hubby change one because my nose can only take so much assault and he can’t hardly smell anything.

This is nuthead being pitiful on me at like oh 2 AM!


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2 responses to “Sick of sick

  1. Have no worries! Aunt Gigi will be there in no time, to make thinks fun!

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