Where the wild things are

They are right here in my livingroom in the form of a steroid pumped toddler. Yup, that’s right. They are right here. Call off all searches because I have found the wild things. So in case you can’t tell these steroids have turned my sweet angel into a moody poo poo head. We laugh, then cry, then laugh, then run fifty circles around the livingroom, and then we hit mommy because we think it’s funny. Well it’s not. At four in the morning SOMEONE thought it was hilarious to hit and pinch mommy’s boob twenty times because it’s squishy. I can’t even get mad about it though because I’ll be damned if she isn’t cute as all get out about it. Also my plan of giving her steroids at 4pm instead of 6pm was pointless because she still didn’t fall asleep until 10:30 and was right back up at midnight and four am. So, there will be massive amounts a caffiene consumed in this house today. Thankfully today is the last day for steroids!

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