Oui Oui I’ll take a free trip to Paris!

Recently my sister Kristi was supposed to go to Paris, France and then Rome, Italy with my mother. Unfortunately my mother’s father passed away days before the trip so she was unable to go. Well, Kristi shouldn’t travel alone so when she offered to give me the option to go in my mother’s place I jumped at the chance. Our trip began Feb 23rd from the Atlanta airport. We had a 9 hour flight from Atlanta, Ga, directly to CDG in Paris, France. The flight left out at about 3pm ATL time and was basically an overnight trip due to the time difference. Kristi passed out on the plane but I did not, thus she missed all the fanfare and I got a full view of the best drama on a plane EVER! About two hours into the flight we all the sudden hear someone yell “well go. go then.” Um…… huh? Everyone is sleeping or trying to sleep at this point. Well then I see this old guy get up and storm off to the back of the plane. Then the flight attendants come up to her (lady that yelled) and this ensued: 

Flight Attendant: “Ma’am I’m going to have to ask you to keep it down.” 

Drunk lady: “When we got on the plane they were in our seats but we didn’t make a big deal out of it we just traded seats and now they are being rude and telling us we’re being too loud.” then the lady starts saying a bunch of crap about the seats again and blah blah blah. THEN: 

Old man: “I’m going to press charges when we land.” 

Drunk Lady: Begin’s sobbing and saying “But we didn’t do anything wrong.” She did this for THREE HOURS! 

Every once in a while she would stop crying and get angry and start yelling again. Then back to crying. Eventually everyone around her was annoyed and telling her to SHUT UP!. It was FREAKING HILARIOUS! I about fell out of my chair when the Parisian guy said “You shut up now. Okay. Thanks” and clapped his hands in her face. Also, someone recorded it and I’m pretty sure they put it on youtube because that shit was WAY TOO FUNNY to not be posted. 

Once we landed we made our way to the Hotel. Now, I know my sister can be cheap but I thought for sure she would splurge some on the rooms. No. Not at all. This was our room. 

This is the worlds smallest room. Apparently this is a "twin bed room." WTF?

 The room had about a foot of space on either side of the bed and a small ass bathroom attached to it. The bathroom was so small that I’m pretty sure a fatty person wouldn’t fit. Just saying. It was small. The room was also so small that when someone took a shit we had to open the hotel room door and air it out 😦 Not cool. But, at least we had a place to rest our heads. 

Once we got checked in we went ahead and did some sight-seeing. The first place we went was to the market area. The market area has tons of venders set up selling various items from produce to handmade/commercial made products. I thought the produce/seafood/pastry stands were beautifully dotted with color. Here is a pic of a produce stand: 

Local Produce stand on Mouffetard in Paris, France

 After we did some minor shopping we went to see Notre Dame. Notre Dame a Gothic, Roman Catholic cathedral on the eastern half of the Île de la Cité in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, France. The church is beyond amazing. It’s filled with delicate stained glass windows depicting various biblical characters and events and masterfully crafted statues of saints. Here are a few pics: 

Notre Dame


St. Theresa


Ignore all fatness in this photo and look at the beauty behind it 🙂

After we saw Notre Dame we called it a day due to being up for over 24 hours and well, Kristi was already on my nerves 🙂 Just kidding, that didn’t happen until way later. 

We spent a total of three days in Paris. Here are a few more pics of the places we saw. 


View fromt he Panthenon

If you don't know what this is then go back to elementary school

One wing of the Louvre

That is the FREAKING MONA LISA behind me. F'ing AWESOME!

Pyramids at the Louvre

A statue that I thought was pretty


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9 responses to “Oui Oui I’ll take a free trip to Paris!

  1. wow… really wonderful pictures….
    im also posting on paris on my blog….

  2. check my blog and please share your experiences….

  3. lucentabella

    There is no fatness in your pics only beauty! Great shots!

  4. @Sami thanks! Hope you enjoyed reading and viewing pictures of my trip.
    @lucentabella- Thanks sis!

  5. btw sara you are really lucky that you got the chance to visit paris… i wish i could… you know my blog is under a competition…. if i can win i’ll get a free tour to france… & i need more comments to win…. hope u’ll help me….

  6. Funny story indeed. I’ve just discovered your blog and I really like the pictures of Paris. I’m working for a Hotel Room Booking website, so the story about the very small Hotel made me laugh, I hope we won’t be dealing with them anytime soon!

    • Thanks! I should have some pics of our trip to Rome/Vatican coming soon 🙂

      • Great, I’ll be looking forward to seeing those pictures. Moreover, we plan to add Rome in our next set of Hotels, so it could give me a taste of it. Take a look at my blog checkyourparis.wordpress.com, if you want to stay in touch with Paris 😉

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