Tutu cute!

So I decided to try and make a tutu. It can’t be that hard, right? Exactly! It was SO easy! Here’s how you do it:
2-4 rolls of 6″ wide tulle in whatever color combo you choose
1″ wide elastic
Ribbon (optional)

1. Measure the child’s waist. Take that measurement and subtract three inches. Cut the elastic to the desired waist size. Example: If your making it for a 15″ waist you will need to use 12″.
2. Cut your tulle in strips to the desired length. For this one I cut them 30″ for a length of 15″.
3. Sew the elastic into a circle.
4. Take the elastic and place it around your thigh or a round object.
5. Take strips (1 at a time) and double knot them around the elastic making sure to keep the two sides even.

6. Embellish with ribbon or whatever else you want.

You should get something that looks like this:

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