That’s a lovely lovey you have there…. Well, except for the whole it’s stained and gross looking part

Okay, so Nuthead is particularly attached to this one blanket/toy thingy (we call it a “lovey” but most call them “security blankets.”) Since she came home from the hospital she has had this lovey. It’s purple with a bear head on it. She loves this thing. She chews on it, throws it around, sleeps with it, travels with it, and IT MUST BE WHEREVER SHE IS AT ALL TIMES. If you happen to be able to pry it from her fingers she will point and yell at it if it’s in her visual field. So we have to occasionally hide it in order to wash it. I have washed this thing at least twice a week for I have no idea how long. And it still looks like this:  

The Chosen One- I promise I have washed it more times than I care to count

It started off purple. Now it’s a unique color of gag me and purple. The only thing that I can think of that has caused these stains is the fact that the thing is permanently in her mouth. She will literally sit and suck on it. When the area that she is sucking on get’s too wet she turns it to a new area and begin again.  Now, I don’t have a problem with her doing this as it keeps her from putting other things in her mouth that she shouldn’t (like the princess toys she got at her birthday- Sorry Cinderella but apparently your head appeared tasty to her.) No worries those Cinderella was rescued and no harm was done. And once the lovey was out of the wash all Princess and Little People toys were safe again. Whew. I was worried about them for a second. Anyways. I got tired of looking and this one and decided that she needs a new one. I thought for sure that it wouldn’t matter. I grabbed my Target gift card and ventured off on a mission. I looked for one that was similar to the one she has but no such luck. So then I decided to just get one that was already brown so that if it gets stained no one will notice, right? So that’s how we ended up with this one:  

The Unworthy One- I thought it was fitting for her since she is part monkey!

Well, apparently we DO NOT LIKE THIS ONE. She wants nothing to do with it. She first looked at it and then looked at me like “WTF is that?” My husband then tried to get her to play with it and she threw it at him and walked off. Um….. you’re one. I don’t think you get to do that yet. Also, that wasn’t very nice to Mr. Monkey or Daddy. Anyways, I gave it a few days to see if she would gradually take to it. No such luck. So, in an attempt to save money I had to go online and hunt down an exact replica. We now have two in route to the house due to be here by Friday. 

Note that the "little person" in the background is now safe and kissing the ground in thankfulness of my swift actions to save it.

So Since I am the best Mommy EVER (that’s me tooting my own horn :)) I retrieved the hidden old lovey and washed it for her to have until Friday.


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4 responses to “That’s a lovely lovey you have there…. Well, except for the whole it’s stained and gross looking part

  1. LJ

    Awww. My sister had one like this too (except there was a stuffed bunny head coming off of it). My dog even has one! I think they’re a must have 🙂

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