When in Rome….

As stated previously my sister and I recently went to Europe for a week. First we went to Paris, France. After spending three days there we hopped onto a plane and went to Rome, Italy. According to my sister our flight left at 7am so we felt we needed to be at the airport by 5am. We got up at 4am got ready and took a taxi to the airport. We made it by our preferred time only to find out that dear sister read the itinerary wrong and our flight didn’t leave until 10:30am. Awesome…..  The flight was fairly short and there were no dramatics to keeps us entertained so we both slept. Once we landed in Rome we got checked into our room and opted to do some sight seeing. FYI- we did go see the Vatican, but that is going to be in a separate blog because of the AWESOMENESS of it.  

The first place we went was to see the Spanish Steps. I wanted to see this place because at the time I was reading a book (Book of the Dead- Patricia Cornwell) and it was mentioned in the book. So we loaded dear sister in the wheelchair and headed in the general direction. On the way we found this area that had been quartered off where local artists and vendors were selling merchandise. There was also a building (a church I think) where if you went to the top the view was breathtaking.  

Atop the stairs. My pic doesn't do it justice.

Here is one just at the bottom of the stairs. That’s me in the photo 🙂  

Me sitting on a wall with Rome behind me






Realizing that these weren’t the Spanish Steps my sis and I ventured on as I was bound and determined to find them. Turns out they were directly below and to the left of us. Maybe a five-minute walk. So we went down this stairway that led to the street below us and then we got stuck in what I can only refer to as a human traffic jam. This is what we were stuck in (keep in mind that I had a sister I was pushing in a wheelchair and people could have cared less):  

I'm not sure what the reason behind the human traffic jam was but it pretty much sucked












Well, actually one lady (after we had been in the jam for thirty minutes) did care and she made all the people move so that I could push my sister through. God bless her. Someone even pelted her in the head with a piece of paper because of her helping us.  

Once we got out of the clusterfu*k of people we were able to find the Spanish Steps.  Did you know that these are the longest and widest set of stairs in all of Europe. Me either, I totally just wikiapediaed that shit. Anyways, here is what they look like:  

Spanish Steps







In the back of the picture is where we were before we entered into the human traffic jam (which made me feel like I was back int he halls of my high school- Grissom High School)  

After we saw the Spanish Steps we ventured back to our hotel. We stayed at the Impero Hotel. It was a bit nicer than the place we stayed at in Paris. The rooms were larger but the twin beds were still pushed together. Which I find wierd. Here are some pics of the hotel and the view from our room:  







The rooms in Rome were a bit bigger than in Paris



















Also right next to our hotel was the Opera House. Sister didn’t want to see if we could catch a show because she thought it would be boring so maybe next time I will get to go inside:  







The next day my sis and I headed off for a tour called the Monuments Tour. It was awesome. We got to see several Plaza’s and the Trevi Fountain. Here are a few pics from the tour:  



Trevi Fountain


Legend is that if you throw a coin over your right shoulder with your left hand you will return to Rome someday. We'll see. I threw one in 🙂


The Silver Mime. No clue about this........









Inside the Pantheon, Rome, Italy

inside view of the Pantheon Dome







The dome is perfectly symmetrical and has no ceiling to it. Back in the ages they used to make sacrifices here and the smoke would go out of the hole at the top. There are drains on the floor for when it rains. 

The remains of the artist Rapheal







Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (April 6 or March 28, 1483 – April 6, 1520[), better known simply as Raphael (wikipediaed that too :P)   


The Colosseum





We learned some really cool stuff about this place. Some of it gory and some of it good. For example, we learned that waaaaaaaaaay back when they used to import animals from Africa to fight the gladiators and slaves. After the stopped doing that they decided to make it into a garden at some point. Well, as a result they started getting these plants that were known to only grown in Africa growing in their “botanical garden.” Apparently the animals had transported the seeds with them in their fur and in their diets.  

Inside the Colosseum






The bottom is like a maze that had trap doors in it. The slaves would be running through it and would randomly encounter wild animals. To make the animals more vicious they would keep them isolated and starve them. They also used to drop the slaves from high up “to see if they could fly.” Also in this pic you can see where there are still some remnants of the garden left.  

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