How to make your child OCD

Most nights it’s up to me to feed nuthead her dinner, but Wednesday nights are dear hubby’s night. Most of the time I use this time for some much needed “me” time but one night I was all up in his business because I had nothing better to do and quite frankly “me” was boring me. So I happened up him preparing nuthead’s dinner and noticed that he had put each type of food in it’s own individual bowl. So then the following conversation ensues:

Me: “Why are you putting it in individual bowls? She’s just going to dump it on the tray. Just put it on the tray.”

Hubby: “But then all her food will get mixed together.”

Me: “She’s not you. She’s one. She could care less if her food mixes. Actually she loves to mix her food.”

Hubby: “But I don’t want it to touch.”

Me: Staring at him……. “DO NOT MAKE HER OCD LIKE YOU”

Hubby: “She won’t dump it on the tray because I”m going to feed it to her.”

Me: “Why are you feeding it to her? She can feed herself.”

Hubby: “Stop bugging me.”

Me: “I swear if you make her OCD like you then you are the one who is going to take her to therapy.”

Hubby: Staring at me…….

So later I check in on dinner time. Yup. All the food is mixed up on her tray 🙂


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