When I Got Blessed By the Pope……..

While my sister and I were in Rome, Italy, we were lucky enough to be able to see the Vatican. The Vatican is FREAKING AWESOME! When we went on the Monument tour we got to see the Vatican and then we also had a separate tour that we did of just the Vatican. The second tour was more informative but during the first tour we got blessed by the Pope. It was totally cool. Here is a pic of the Pope blessing us (okay… so he was blessing the masses but that still totally counts as him blessing “us” and also I’m not even Catholic.) 

Is it sacreligious to draw on a picture of the Pope? Because if it is I'm in big trouble........

So first we pull up to St. Peters Square. It’s enormous and has statues of all past Popes and some other important people who’s names I can’t remember because I can’t even pronounce them. 

Collage of St. Peter's square

Also located in St. Peter’s Square is the Trivoli Fountains (not to be confused with the Trevi Fountain): 



On the second day of our tour we got to see much more of the inside. Here are some pics from that. I’m not going to write much mostly because I’m tired and the Vatican is so pretty it can speak for itself. We did get to see the Sistine Chapel and the Tombs (where the Popes are buried) but your not allowed to take photos or video so you’ll just have to go see those yourself 🙂 


Holy Water




This is an actual dead Pope. Way coooooooool

Pietà by Michelangelo




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