Five Thing’s I did with Nuthead this Week

Nuthead and I had a busy week together. We did so much stuff and had such a blast together.  She’s my favorite person to hang out with 🙂 

  1. On Monday we went to the Botanical Gardens. We were supposed to meet the playgroup there but we were the only ones that showed (due to chilly weather.) So I bundled Nuthead up and we just strolled around for a while. Every time she saw a bird she would say “uck!” Which I can only assume means “duck” unless someone taught her a dirty word…..  

Hanging with me at the Gardens

  2. On Tuesday we had a tea party with Flo and Dolly. Only there was no tea and lame commentary from our guests. Flo and Dolly are kind of boring guest have. Also they talk exactly the same (hmmmmmm……..)  

Flo- “Hey Dolly are you going to the Zoo tomorrow?”  

 Dolly- “Yeah. You?” 

Flo- “Yeah.”  

 3. On Wednesday we met up with an old friend of mine and her kids at the Zoo. It was ridiculously fun. The kids had a great time looking at all of the animals and running around. This was the first trip that Nuthead actually showed any interest in the animals. She would point at the Tigers and say “at! at! at!” Also, I think she made a new BFF for life.  

Nuthead (left) and her new BFF for Life. They were just too cute together!

See! Already sharing juicy gossip!

  4. We were supposed to go shopping with a friend of mine today but she had to cancel due to important matters so Nuthead and I spent the day playing together. The weather was to yucky for anything outside so I decided that I would take her shopping at Old Navy (we had a gift card!!!!!) and then headed over to Walmart. Also, that night LC invited Lucentabella (one of her two favorite Aunties) over for a tea party. This time the conversations were much more creative as this is a talent Lucentabella has. Here is what she got from Old Navy:  


Shirt and Shorts

Polka Dot shirt

Cute little striped dress


This is a skirt and top

 5. The most fun thing we did this week was to finger paint together. Well, Nutheads version of it anyways. I got her some Color Wonder Finger paint to use. I just put globs of the different colors on the paper for her and then she smeared her hand everywhere. We both had a blast with this. Here is what my little artist created: 

This was during her blue period

She was going for Jackson Pollock

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