Funday Friday

On Friday Nuthead and I had a very busy day! First we started our day with her favorite breakfast: Blueberry pancakes, peach yo’soy yogurt, and soy milk. She will attack her tray when I put blueberry pancakes down. She also attacks the spoon for her yogurt. Then I let her run around the living room for a bit until we headed off to Yogurt Mountain to meet up with my playgroup buddies (who ROCK, by the way!). We had quite an adventure getting there as I went to the complete WRONG part of town. I blame Yogurt Mountain for this. Who doesn’t update there address on Yellow Book! Anyways, we finally made it but everyone had already eaten so I got just a small amount of yogurt. Since I was going to be the only one eating it, Nuthead is lactose intolerant :(, I didn’t want to gorge myself. Here some pics from Yumgurt… I mean Yogurt Mountain: 

Yummmmmm yogurt. Later I would regret this decision 😦 It ended with lots of diaper changes and some clothes that need to be washed....

This is RJ. Isn't he just adorable!

This is Nuthead's main squeeze Sammy. He thinks he "The Fonz." It's beyond CUTE when he does it!

After Yumgurt (I mean Yogurt Mountain) Sammy’s momma and I decided that we wanted to go eat lunch at Newks. We LOVE Newks. I had the black and blue salad and nuthead had a grilled cheese. Most of her grilled cheese ended up on the floor because she was to busy providing lunch entertainment for the fellow customers. Sammy was MUCH better behaved than Nuthead. Thankfully, everyone thought she was cute and laughed at her antics. Here are pics from lunch: 

Nuthead pretending to be a big girl and sit at the table. This was RIGHT before she threw her sippy cup across the room and grilled cheese all over the floor.

Sweet Sammy and his beautiful Momma!

Being a cutie and saying "Grilled CHEESEEEEEEEE!"

Once we downed our lunches and I provided free cleaning service for Newks we headed out to the park. When we got to the park we noticed that there were a redonkulous amount of children there. Then I noticed that there was a school bus that had “bused” in the kids. We decided to try and see how the kids did. This didn’t turn out well. Mostly because all of these little 8/10-year-old girls kept trying to come and pick Nuthead up and I don’t have a clue who these kids are so I was all Momma Bear on them and wouldn’t let them come near my little cub. Also, one meanie kid tried to scare Sammy and that’s when his momma when all Momma Bear on that kid. Then we decided to let the kids run around in the grass to the side where no one was. Nuthead did okay with this for a few minutes but then she had a complete meltdown when she realized that her new backpack/leash would only allow her to go so far. By the way, the backpack/leash  come in reallllllll handy when they fall because you can just lift them back up without having to bend over.

Nuthead with her new leash... I mean "backpack"

Sammy hanging out on the steps to the slide

After her meltdown, which consisted of her screaming at the top of her lungs and then when I picked her up to leave she began flailing about in my arms (where the fudge is my sweet angel who doesn’t hardly cry………..), we left and went back to Sammy’s Momma’s house. I attempted to get nuthead to take a nap in Sammy’s crib because he’s in a big boy bed now (YAY SAMMY) but this resulted in complete and utter meltdown mode. So then we headed home because quite frankly I had had enough of her meltdowns for the day. That’s when she did this:

Not even 2 minutes into the car ride and she was out.

 Once we got home I realized why she was having complete meltdowns. Her poor tummy was hurting because her mean momma fed her a few bites of Yogurt. BIG MISTAKE! No worries though, I’ve learned my lesson and she finally finished her payback before bed.

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One response to “Funday Friday

  1. lucentabella

    HAHA in the first one, Sammy totally photobombed lilbit, then he photobombed his mama! He’s too cute. As LC’s aunt, I approve of him being main squeeze.

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