Playing in the Park

Nuthead and I decided that since it was such a beautiful day outside that we would go to the park. She had a ton of fun swinging and then running around. I think she found just about every pine cone that was there and these things too:

I have no idea what these things are even though I have seen them my whole life

 At some point she tried to eat one of them. I’m pretty sure it didn’t harm her but she definitely didn’t like the way it tasted. She also tried to eat a flower that she picked (well, ripped out of the ground.) That didn’t taste well either and I made her spit it out. She’s sneaky I tell you.  All in all she had a blast!

Hanging out on the swings


Playing on the slide jungle gym thingy

Shockingly she sat still for five whole seconds!

I found a pine cone!

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One response to “Playing in the Park

  1. patricia

    Those things are sweet gum balls and hurt like the dickens if you should step on them.

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