Facts about Uranus

This is Uranus (hee hee hee)


1. It’s a smaller version of Jupiter and is the third largest Planet in the Solar System.

2. It’s made of ice and gasses (hee hee hee)

3. It takes 84 years for it to orbit around the sun.

4. Uranus is the only planet called by a Greek name rather than a Roman name.

5.  It was discovered by William Herschel on March 13, 1781

6. It has a ton of moons (hee hee hee)

7. Before it was called Uranus it was named Georgium Sidus after King George III of England

8. Due to rotating on it’s side each of Uranus’ four seasons is approximately 20 years long. Talk about a long winter 😦

9. The blue color of Uranus (hee hee hee) is due to methane gas that is trapped by the ice. The gas absorbs red light which is then reflected blue.

10. I about pee my pants laughing every time I hear the word “Uranus” because sometimes it’s just fun to be a kid at heart.

my info was gathered from this website: http://www.kidscosmos.org/kid-stuff/uranus-facts.html

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