I Did It! Yay me :)

I knitted my first complete baby blanket. The pattern I used was a basket weave pattern by Lionbrand. I used a bamboo and cotton mixed yarn (weight 4.) The color of the yarn is a mossy green that I think is very appealing to the eye. I chose the color green. This is due to the friend who is having the baby deciding to wait to find out the gender until the birth. This pattern called for size 11 needles, but for this one I used size 10 as I felt that the yarn worked better on them.

You cast on 134 stitches. Then knit the next 16 rows. For rows 17-28 you knit 12, {purl 10, knit 10 (repeat) }until last 12 stitches then knit the last 12 stitches. For rows 29-40 you knit 12, {knit 10, then purl 10 (repeat)} until the last 12 stitches, and knit the last 12 stitches. Repeat this pattern four more times. Once you have completed all of your repeats you knit 16 more rows. Then do a simple bind off and weave in your loose ends.

For my first blanket I feel I did pretty good. Sure there are some mistakes here and there but it was made with love so I’m pretty sure she’s going to like it 🙂

Photobucket  Photobucket  Photobucket



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4 responses to “I Did It! Yay me :)

  1. Carrie

    of course I LOVE it! Can’t wait to show hubby, he’ll be so proud of you!

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