Remembering Dad

A year ago today my father passed away from complications resulting from the treatment he received when having a stroke. The medication the hospital gave him caused bleeding in his brain. This is an unfortunate risk of this treatment. In this past year I have missed him dearly for many reasons but mostly because I haven’t been able to call him and tell him about all of the wonderful things his granddaughter has done in her first year of life. I know he’s watching down and seeing everything she does. Today in remembrance of him we released balloons with special notes for him on them. I know he won’t really get them but it felt nice to do something with my daughter.
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Growing up I was blessed to have my dad as my father. He was my biggest supporter in everything I did. I can remember spending hours practicing pitching with him or kicking a soccer ball around. I remember all of the long drives we had to swim meets. There are blissful memories of skiing, tubing, and fishing on the lake. I remember him telling corny jokes at the dinner table and telling us all about his day. I remember spending days at his office rummaging through his desk to find secrete treasures (you know paperclips, coins, pens :)) I also remember the look of pride on his face when seeing his granddaughter for the first time. He was so happy and excited. I chose not to remember how he looked in death but how he loved and lived in life. He was an amazing man who has left a wonderful mark on the world.

In Loving Memory

William Edward Denholm



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3 responses to “Remembering Dad

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. I think that is wonderful that you are remembering the good times and celebrating his life.

  2. Carolyn

    It is so nice to remember your dad in this special way. Thanks for sharing with me.

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