Disney’s Rockin’ Road Show

Yesterday my sister Lucentabella and I took nuthead to see Disney’s Rockin’ Road Show. I wasn’t sure how she would do as she has never been to something like this and she doesn’t do well to sit in one spot for long. However, SHE LOVED IT! She stood on my lap and danced, clapped, and shrieked right along with all the other kids. Every time a song played she’d just start beboppin’ away like she knew what to do.

Nuthead Dancing

Well, okay she did this for the first half. For the second half she did this:

All danced out

I’m still a little sore that I had to pay for a ticket for her, but it was worth it to see her have so much fun. She even got to have a picture taken with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Also, somehow she wound up with several new toys that cost an arm and a leg and I’m pretty sure she will be able to dismantle with in at least 1 hour.


Nuthead and Me


Nuthead and her Auntie

Sorry the pic isn't too good but all we had were camera phones

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  1. You can’t even tell we’re sisters….at all…..lol!

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