McWane Center

"Hey Sammy wanna go hang out at the fish tanks?"

So today Carrie and I took the little munchkins to The McWane Center. We both reeeeeeeeeeally wanted to get out of the house. Thinking that it was going to be a cool day we decided on an indoor place. Well, we were totally wrong about the weather, but the kids had a blast. Stupid Iphone weather app was totally wrong. Anyways, apparently it was take every child in elementary school on a field trip to the McWane Center day today. Normally this wouldn’t bother me but since I was AT the McWane Center today it was EXTREMELY annoying. Back when I was in school the teachers and chaperones actually watched the children they were responsible for instead of letting them run around like heathens. Despite the hoards of rude and impatient anklebiters we were still able to find some fun things to do. First we took the kids over to small sandbox area. Nuthead was excited about the Sun in the room so she didn’t pay too much attention to the sand part, but Sammy LOVED it. He was so cute. He kept stealing sand out of this other little girls bucket with his shovel and putting it in his. That little girl was not very fun though as she did NOT like this and was all “NO MINE!” Whatever kid, it’s public sand (insert eye roll here.)

After the kids had some fun in the sand we took them over to the water station. While they had a blast Nuthead ended up soaking wet because her main goal in life is apparently to get water EVERYWHERE SHE CAN 🙂

Sammy at the water station playing nicely and keeping the water IN the water station


A rare moment of not getting water everywhere


After Nuthead soaked everyone with in a 50 ft radius we decided that it was time to leave. All of the kids from the elementary school trip were coming back and so we headed off to the Aquarium level. The kids REALLY loved this area. Sammy and Nuthead got to stick their hands in more water but this time it had sharks and sting rays in it. They didn’t touch the animals since they aren’t really tall enough to stick their hands in that far but they still got excited when they saw them swim by!

I swear this one tried to eat me.... Okay maybe he was just trying to taste my flavor a little bit...


Sammy at the shark/sting ray tank


Since Nuthead apparently had no fear of SHARKS I’ve decided that she is going to be a scuba diver who discovers rare shit in the ocean and gets millions of dollars and then she’s going to take care of her daddy and mommy forever. Anyways back to the McWane Center. After the shark/sting ray tank we ventured off to see some more fish. We came across a Jellyfish display that was AWESOME! They have it set up so that there is a light that changes colors and makes the Jellyfish change colors.

Green Jellyfish


White Jellyfish


Really cool fish that Nuthead liked


After this hoard of kids came running up on Nuthead and I went all Momma Bear on them and scolded them for running up on a little girl like that because they are like ten times her size (by the way they SO got in trouble by thier teacher- so HA on them :)) we left and went to the freshwater display. On the way we almost got eaten by a GIANT bass. See:

Oh no I'm being eaten by the world's largest bass!


Oh no it got Sammy too! We're doomed now!

 All in all we had a great day with the kiddos despite the massive hoards of elementary school kids. After we left Nuthead passed out in the car before we even got out of the parking deck so I’m pretty sure that means she had so much fun that she plum tuckered herself out!

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