The jig is up!

Recently when putting nuthead down for naps and bedtime it’s been sounding like a three ring circus act is going on in her room. I’d go upstairs and look in on her and she’d be sitting there with her lovey in her mouth smiling like “I’m not doin’ nuffin.” I’d head back downstairs, settle in, and “BANG” she’d be at it again. I’m all “hubby! Do you here that?” and he’s all “Huh? What?” THUD, Me: “That!” Amazingly he still doesn’t hear it…. So I decided that since the video baby monitor was $50 dollars off at and because I pretty much get everything from there I got $5 shipping I purchased the monitor I registered for! It came in the mail yesterday and I immediately set it up.
Our first run was with it last night. I was SO excited to see what she was going to do. Low and be hold she went right to sleep! The little booger! However this morning I saw this:

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  1. My kids use to do that stuff to me ALL the time! They can be little monsters, and my husband still does the “What Huh” crap to me all the time! lol

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