OMG WTF and Every Other Acronym Known to Man

I have found the world’s creepiest “Thing.” Okay, technically some french dude named  Alphonse Milne-Edwards discovered it but I totally found it on the internet :). It is seriously going to give me nightmares. Here is a picture of it:

This “thing” is called a Bathynomus giganteus. This is Latin for Big Ass Fucking Creepy Cockroach Looking Sea Creature. Apparently these things are related to pill bugs . You know those little bugs that roll up in a ball just so you can flick them.

I swear that sea creature thing looks like a mutant cross between the pill bug and a cockroach. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to fuck with it either because it could totally try and eat you and then you would have to run screaming out of the ocean like a big sissy and then everyone would think you saw a shark and then they would start screaming and then the life guards would get pissed at you for starting a freak out on the beach and then you would be banned from the beach for EVER. So I’d just stay away from them if I were you. 🙂

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