Swimming With the Fishes

Wednesday Carrie, Julie, and I took our little munchkins to the Atlanta Aquarium for a much needed Mommy and me road trip. First stop was Julie’s house to pick up her and Ryan. We loaded the kids up with plenty of snacks, juice, and dvds to make the two hour drive as smooth as possible. Carrie and Sammy followed in their car. We did have to stop like 20 times for Carrie to pee but you would have to pee that much too if you had a baby dancing on your bladder 🙂

So anyways once we got to the aquarium we headed to the food court as it was lunch time and I (the non preggo one) was STARVING! Nuthead and I shared some chicken nuggets and fries and then our Aquarium Adventure really began!

First we went to the Ocean Voyager section where you walk through an acrylic tunnel. It’s AWESOME! You can see fish swimming all around you. You feel like your underwater but yet some how still dry 🙂 We saw large and small fish all over. We even saw Sharks and Manna Rays swim over our heads. The kids were fascinated by this. They oohed and ahhhed at all of it.


After we saw some of natures beautiful beasts we bobbed and weaved our way through the crowd over to the tropical diver attraction.  This section contains Eels, Jellyfish, Reefs, and colorful reef fish. It was really neat to see all the different colors of the fish and reefs. Also, they had a beautiful Jelly fish display.



Ryan showing us the Jelly Fish


Nuthead and her main squeeze at the tanks

 Next we ventured over to the sting ray tank where kids can touch real live sting rays. Nuthead was a bit to small for this but Sammy and Ryan LOVED watching the rays glide by. They also liked that they could stick their hands in the water 🙂


Ryan at the Sting Ray tank

 Our next stop was the River Scout exhibit. Here we saw all kinds of river animals such as alligators, turtles, and even an adorable little otter!. Sammy couldn’t get enough of the alligator and I don’t blame him. Even though alligators scare the ever living crap out of me, to see one up close in a simulated habitat was amazingly beautiful.


I named him Albert

 Our last stop was to the Cold Water Quest. Here you get to see something called a weedy fish (ha ha it has a funny name), Japanese Spider Crabs, and much much more. I actually touched a sea anemones. I don’t even remember what it felt like because I was trying realllllllllly hard not to get all creeped out. Apparently these are real animals and NOT plants??????? I’m all well I just learned something new and touched a PREDATORY animal! See here’s proof that I’m not too much of a chicken:




One of the Beluga Whales

We had a great time with the kids. They loved all of the different fish and animals that they got to see. I even learned a few things myself 🙂


Carrie and Sammy


Julie and Ryan


Me and Nuthead

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