Five Pet Peeves

Everyone has “Pet Peeves.” You know, little things that people do that just grate on your nerves. Well, here are five pet peeves of mine.

1.  I hate it when my hubby leaves the shower thingy on the faucet in the tub. He does this pretty much Photobucketevery day. It’s annoying because I get sprayed in the back of my head with cold water. Most of the time I look before I get in the shower but every once in a while  I’m not quite awake or in too much of a hurry to look and BAM cold water right to the noggin.

2. PhotobucketPeople who block the grocery aisle with their carts. Move your cart to the side so that other people can get through. I find it rude that people are so oblivious to others around them. Especially when you are standing there waiting to get by, they see you, and still make no effort to make room for others or you to get by. I also hate it when people block what I am trying to get to on the aisle. Pick out the one you want and move on. Others would like to shop as well. Thank you.

3. It is beyond gross when people blow their nose at the dinner table or in close proximity of me when I am eating. IPhotobucket do not want a side of boogers with my beef. Thank you, but I will pass. GAG GAG GAG!

4.  It grates my nerves when people click or tap their pens incessantly. All I want to do is grab the pen and Photobucketchunk it across the room. Who wants to listen to “click click click click click” over and over again while trying to either work or listen to something important. If you know you are what I refer to as a “Pen Clicker” then don’t hold the pen in your hand unless you are using it for it’s intended purpose.

5. Last, but not least, I hate when I receive drunk emails from certain people. Okay, really it’s just one certain person and I’m not sure she knows who she is because she’s generally to drunk to even know what day it is. Also, her drunk emails make absolutely NO SENSE! They are either one or two not related words or ramblings of crap that pretty much only she cares about because she is the only one that can decipher what they say.Photobucket

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