Weekend Wrap Up

Stinkerbell and I had a very busy weekend. Friday started off with a visit from the in-laws (Pops and Nana!) As soon as Pops got here is immediately started working on installing a swing for Stinkerbell. When Hubby got home from work  he helped Pops get it all done. It turned out GREAT! Stinkerbell is so lucky to have them 🙂 Here is a pic of the finished swing:


this was taken before they took the bottom board off. That board was apparently only there for support while the concrete dried.

 After the swing was installed the boys enjoyed an evening of sports and beer, as it was well deserved!


Pops and Hubby enjoying a beer while watching a Cubs game

 On Saturday I put together Stinkerbell’s new Barbie Quad Power Wheel that she got from her Aunt Lucentabella. First let me say “GO ME!” for doing that. Second let me say, “It wasn’t that hard…..” Anyways, it took all of 20 minutes to do and I managed on only f’ up ONE stupid sticker. By the way, if you ever get your kid one, be forwarned that once those stickers are stuck on, there is NO going back. Stinkerbell’s power wheel will just have to have one odd wheel. It’s okay though, because she’s all “that’s how I roll moms” and I’m all “true dat true dat.”



Everybody now "rollin' wit my homies" You know you sing that all the time so don't try to deny it 🙂

 Stinkerbell also went to her buddy Charles’ bday part on Saturday. She helped Charles’ parents out by find every rock, sweetgum ball, and stick in their yard. She’s such a good help. She also ate some dirt and attempted to eat a few rocks instead of cake. She did have fun playing with her buddies and flirting with all of the men at the party.


She kept pushing all the buttons to try to get it to move like her power wheel. Such a diva. Sorry Stinkerbell but on this one you have to do it yourself!


One of Stinkerbell's friends, Claire. Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!


Carter also helped take care of some lawn work


Stinkerbell: "Hey, Carter, how does this work?", Carter: "You put the noms in here and then it eats the grass." Stinkerbell: Stares dreamily and sighs


Birthday boy Charles. I told him to smile and he cocked his head at me because I interrupted his bubbles..... Sorry Charles, but you're so cute I HAD to get a picture!


Stinkerbell: "Hey, Liam, How does this work?" Liam: "You push this and it eats the lawn", Stinkerbell: Stares dreamily and sighs. What's a girl to do with all these hunks around!


Watch out Gabriel. Stinkerbell will be after you soon too! SUCH A CUTIE!


When Stinkerbell got home from her getting her party on I decided to let her try the new swing out. This did NOT go over well. Who would have thought that she would have developed a sudden aversion to swings. I mean, every time we go to the park she is all about it, but as soon as her Pops and Dad spend hours sweating, digging holes, sawing wood, and pouring concrete; she’s all “OH HELL NO”


This is her GET ME OUT NOW MOMMA face

 Last but not least, Hubby and I FINALLY bought patio furniture. When we moved in FIVE years ago, Hubby was all “We’re going to get patio furniture so we can eat out on the patio when it’s nice.” I was all “Hells YA!” Five years later he finally bought some. Okay, technically, I went to the store, saw something I liked, saw that it was on sale for a STEAL, and bought it. Then I texted him that when he gets done with golf he needed to go to Lowes and pick up our new patio furniture. :). He didn’t mind though, because he has been talking about it a lot lately and looking around. He and Pops put the table together and then once again enjoyed a beer after a hard day of golf and table putting together.

Um….. yeah, that’s my diet coke. I forgot to move it out of the picture…….


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