Let this BEE a lesson to all of you others out there

So I’m sitting inside playing with Stinkerbell when Hubby comes in and is all “where’s the fly swatter?” Then I’m all “What do you need it for?” Is there a wasp in the screened in area?” He’s all, “No, it’s a bee.” I’m all “Here it is.” Then I run out the door to tell him not to throw it over the fence until I can get a picture of it dead.” Then I notice that he has merely knocked it out. WTF Hubby? That’s all you got. This is one of the beeyotches that’s been stalking me for like a week now. So I took the swatter from him and let this guy have it.


That's right. I got one of you. Bring on the rest! But not really because I hate bees.

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