I Swear She is Part Monkey

Ever since she learned to crawl Stinkerbell as been trying to climb everything. I blame Hubby for this as I have heard a plethora of stories about similar incidents from his mother. One time when she was about 8 or 9 months old she climb up onto a short (about 6″ high) Rubbermaid bin and was in the process of climbing onto the end table when I caught her. She has been forever trying to climb up onto the couch and table chairs. Pretty much anything she can get her long legs up on to she will heave herself up. The child has no fear of falling or getting hurt. So far I have caught her every attempt and stopped her. One time when I caught her I literally CAUGHT her because she did fall. She didn’t get hurt but did scare herself a little. This didn’t deter her at all though. She went right back and tried again. I have removed or blocked all things that she could get hurt on but somethings (i.e. the couch and table chairs) I can’t necessarily block. I guess for now I’ll just have to keep running around after her. Do I get to count that towards Activity points in Weight Watchers? If not, then it should totally be added to their “activity” selection. Just sayin’.




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