She Has No Fear


Me and Stinkerbell

They other day I took Stinkerbell to meet up with the playgroup at a Petting Farm/Zoo. This was the first time I took her without the stroller. I thought she might be scared of the animals since they are bigger than her and well could kill her with one kick. Boy was I wrong! She ran right up to them and tried to grab them. Of course I stopped her and told her “gentle.” I think I was more scared than she was. She loved being able to touch the animals. She giggled and shrieked every time one of them let her touch them. One even nuzzled her head, which she about fell over from excitement and the nuzzling. The only other issue we had for the day was her attempt to eat poop. No worries though. She was deterred and her hand immediately wash! GAG GAG GAG!.






Also while we were there we encountered yet another foul barnyard fowl. As you recall our first incident involved a rooster. Apparently this rooster and duck are long-lost buddies who recently reunited and discussed how they are going to attempt to take over the world by eating the feet of all bipeds. I kid you not this duck had less fear than stinkerbell! By the way it does NOT feel good to have your feet pecked and nipped at by evil fowl.

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