I’m a reality tv show junkie…..

I love reality tv shows. I pretty much watch most of them. On Thursday nights I am game for some Project Runway and then Models of the Runway. This year there is this chick on Models of the Runway that is uber annoying. I wrote a twitter status saying something like “I can’t watch this anymore tonight. I’ve had enough of lame ass Brandise.” Apparently this pissed her off enough to direct message me something about giving her examples of how she is lame. That is when I was all OMG someone from reality TV totally just contacted me! I can so check this off the bucket list. Then I was all WTF? Does she not realize that she’s on reality tv. That in and of itself makes her lame. Then I wanted to be like, “Um…. Hello you’re 30+ years old and trying to be a supermodel. You’re a little behind all those 16 year olds.”  Granted she had to have some kind of good to her to make it on the show she still had no chance of winning since she was paired with one of the worst Fashion Designers ever, Mila. Lets discuss Mila. For her finally she did a fashion show that was inspired by shadows. Yes. Shadows. YAWN! The entire season of the show all she did was black and white everything (dresses, shirts, jackets, etc.) BORING. Then she goes and has an entirely black and white show. She had some eye-catching shapes and designs but they fell flat due to a lack of INTERESTING.  Also, I have no idea how many times she created some ugly ass outfit for the show’s weekly challenge and somehow manage to scrape by.

Since we’re talking about reality tv, modeling, .etc we’ll venture on to my other fashion reality show America’s Next Top Model. I ❤ this show. I have pretty much watched every crazy season. Every year there are some really crazy chicks on that show. This year there is this young girl who is straight hoodrat. Every episode it has her going off on a rant all up in someone’s face. I think she might be bi-polar. Seriously, though, I know the show is edited and that we don’t see everything, but dang the girl has some massive mood swings.

Speaking of Reality TV here are my five favorite Reality TV Shows:
1. Survivor– who doesn’t want to watch 18 castaways with a plethora of underlying mental problems duke it out on a tropical island where they don’t get to eat anything but rice and bananas.  Plus, this season I get to watch Colby. Yum…..

2. Big Brother- Again, a bunch of people stuck in a house together with no breaks from each other all with some kind of crazy extreme personality trait that will clash with someone else. There are catfights, lovers quarrels, and attention seeking everywhere on this one.

3.  Projects Runway– This one doesn’t usually have the drama that the first two do, but occasionally you get a Prima Donna designer who thinks they are the next Oscar De La Renta. I do like to see what the designers come up with each week for their challenge. Some of them have a crazy warped sense of fashion and come up with WILD creations. Also, I WISH I could sew like that…… That takes some MAD skills.

4. America’s Next Top Model– who doesn’t want to watch underfed and moody teenage/young adult women who are stuck with each other 24/7. It’s bound to create some major Diva moments. Like one year this chick Lisa kept getting really drunk and talking to a bush in the yard that she named “itt.” She couldn’t figure out why no one in the house liked her…. Um…. maybe because you are drunk all the time and talk to plants. It’s weird sweetie.

5. Top Chef– This one is another that doesn’t always have drama constantly going on. I like this one because I get to see new innovative ways to create cuisines. I’m not Top Chef material by any means but I do enjoy learning about and cooking different meals. The only part that sucks about this is when I’m on a diet and have had basically minimal to eat all day and then I see all that yumminess on the TV. I eat vicariously through them…….

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