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Recently my wonderful sister Lucentabella informed me about This is an eBay like site where you can bid on items being sold by Goodwill. The proceeds from these sales go to enhance the services provided by Goodwill. So not only do you get to find cool stuff but you get to help others out as well. What could be better than that, right? Anyways, I thought I would try it out since she showed me an AWESOME Dooney & Bourke purse that she got for $40. My initial goal was to find a Coach purse in great condition for a reasonable price. I found several and put a bid in. The really cool thing about this site is that you can set a “max bid” that you are willing to pay. For example on one of the purse I found I put in that I was willing to bid up to $50. What this does is bids you the smallest amount above the current bid automatically. For this example the current bid was $25 and it put my bid at $26. Then when someone else comes and bids on it, say $27, it will automatically put a new bid in for your and the next smallest increment, for example $28. It will continue to do this for you until you reach your “max bid.” Unfortunately for me, but not for my hubby, my “max bid” wasn’t high enough for me to win the auction. No Coach purse for me yet 😦 However, I did find a ton of stuff that was really interesting. I decided to scope out their toy section to see if they had a play kitchen that I could bid on for my Stinkerbell when I came across this:
fisher price,rocking horse,1976

1973 Fisher Price Horse


I bid on it immediately because OMG isn’t it adorable! Once I bid on it the site automatically puts it in my “Auctions in Progress” folder. You can also have it notify you by e-mail if you are outbid or if you win the auction.

There are several additional features of this site that make it convenient. For example, once you select an item to view, it provides you with all of the information you need about it: item #, quantity, start/stop auction dates, location of item, shipping and handling and payment method information, bid history, and available photographs. The only seller information that is provided is the name of the Goodwill Store that is selling the item. There are no “persons” that are sellers. Just stores.  Here is a screen shot of what it looks like:

Item Inquiry Page

Another great feature is the “Personal Shopper” option. This option allows you to save search terms to automatically complete a daily search of items specific to your request.  For example, if you want it to look for “Coach Purses” then you put that as your search request, fill in the rest of the information, and it will send you a daily or weekly (you choose) email notifying you of added items to the inventory.

Personal Shopper Request Page

 Just as eBay does, you have a log of pending auctions that you can view at any time and you can “watch” an item without having to bid on it.

As stated above I purchased a Fisher Price Horse for my Stinkerbell. Shipping and all it only cost me $20. My order arrived within one week and the item was in excellent condition. I found all aspects as portrayed on the site to be an adequate representation of the item that I received. Two awesome things have come out of this experience for me: 1. I bought something and helped the community at the SAME TIME and 2. My Stinkerbell absolutely LOVES her new toy!


Stinkerbell riding her horsey the way mommy told her to.....


Stinkerbell riding it the way she wants to.....

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