Okay, so only my sister will understand how the title relates to this one but I felt it was necessary so just go with me on it. When I was about 12/13 my parents got divorced. It was a tough time for my mother because for the past 20 years she was a stay at home mom who rarely did any kind of yard work. Right when my parents separated my mom realized that there were things that she was going to have to figure out how to do. For example, mowing the lawn. Now, yes, as a child one of our chores was to mow the lawn. However, my mother decided that she was going to do this on her own. So she slathers herself in sunblock, puts on her most brightly purple colored visor, and a pair shorts that I don’t recall ever seeing her wear before of since. She and I go to the backyard and I show her how to prime the motor and pull the cord to start the motor. She pumps the bilge several times then yanks back on the cord only to go flying backwards, land on her butt, and spin around in circles. I, being 12/13 immediately busted out laughing and just about peed myself because it was so funny. My mom didn’t think it was as funny. She got upset and started to cry. After a few minutes of self reassurance she got back up on her feet, wiped herself off, and went for it again. This time, it started. And you know what, she mowed the lawn for the first time. After the divorce was final she did the same thing. She stood back up and went at it again. Guess what. She’s still going strong. I love you mom!

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